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Interview with Victor Dalqvist

Victor Dalqvist Career AdviceVictor has been part of Certaincy for almost a year now. He has had the opportunity to work both in-house with our customer Essity, and since a few months back he works as a consultant on site at Volvo Connected Solutions. Victor has a can do attitude and is very suppportive. As soon as he started his new assignment, his previous client started asking for him again. He is doing such a good job! He has definetly got the right mindset. He has given us some excellent advice which we would like to share with you.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for their first job?

Skills are important, but you can’t teach personality – and recruiters know this. It’s A-OK to apply for positions that may seem “out of your league” – the right attitude will take you further than you might think! Also, imposter syndrome is a real thing. Look it up early, and learn to recognise / combat it – especially if you’re going into IT. Learning on the job is a real thing too, and it happens a lot more than you think. So final advice: – dare! It sounds cliché but it’s true – nothing ventured, nothing gained (and after all – what’s the worst that could happen?).

What do you work with today?

I work with front-end testing and test automation for Volvo Connected Solutions. or in short – I make scripts that test various aspects of our user interface, so humans don’t have to. (It’s really very neat!)

What background do you have?

So many things! I studied game development at University, and shortly after tried my luck running a small game studio with a few close friends (one of whom I ran into again at Certaincy – imagine that!). I’ve also lived in London for a while, where I worked in a small optician’s shop. I longed to get back into IT though, so I ended up spending a few months’ worth of evenings and weekends topping up my previous software development skills with more specific skills I’d need to make the jump.

Why did you chose to start working for Certaincy?

Certaincy was recommended to me by a close friend and previous colleague of mine – and now he’s my colleague again! These days I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else – Certaincy is a small consultancy firm with a lot of heart, and some of the most skilled and dedicated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We’re practically family!

As Victor says. “Dare” to come and talk to us about your career path. Hopefully we can contribute to your future career. Meet us at GÖSTA IT student fair tomorrow at LIndholmen Science Park. If you miss the event tomorrow, just get in touch with us.

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