Caroline Regner, Gösta IT Career Fair

Interview with Caroline Regnér

Caroline Regner, Gösta IT Career Fair


We met Caroline Regnér at GÖSTA IT career fair 2016 for the first time. She started her employment at Certaincy in November 2016.  Since then she has done a rocket career. She started working as a project coordinator at Volvo Cars IT. Her engagement and her drive resulted in a project manager role even though she had not worked a year yet on her project coordinator role. She is a fantastic colleague, who contributes a lot to Certaincy as a company. In the interview below you will find some advice from Caroline.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for their first job?

Be active in your search for a job. You will try many times, most of them will be a “No” but eventually the right company will see what you can offer them.

I would advise students to dare to approach companies and dare to present who you are, what you are looking for and what you can offer the company.

Don’t forget you do not only offer your skills, you are also offering your personality, your commitments and your enthusiasm.

What was your experience from GÖSTA?

GÖSTA is a nice small student closed fair. The fair has a lot to offer to students and it is a perfect way for students to chat with different kind of companies, that offer different roles, and to get an understanding of what is of interest.

What do you work with today?

I work as a IT project manager at the department of Consumer Commercial Digital Product, and I’m currently driving two projects in the Digital Commerce platform. Basically it’s the E-commerce platform that makes it possible to sell cars, accessories and over the air subscriptions, like Volvo on call.

What is your background?

I studied three years of enterprise business systems and leadership. After that I started working within the retail business and managed six physical stores, and strategically created ecommerce platforms for companies in the retail business. I then went back to studying my master in IT management at Lindholmen, where I parallel started my own business to maximize my learning and also my attractiveness after graduation.

Why did you chose to start working for Certaincy?

I met Lotta and Emma at the GÖSTA fair, and I immediately appreciated their participation and their enthusiasm in what consultants they wanted to hire into the Certaincy family.
Many other consultant companies do not have this tight contact with the consultants.

GÖSTA IT Career Fair, 13th of February

Come and meet our consultants and managers during the “GÖSTA IT Arbetsmarknadsdag“. If you are interested in an internship or employment, check out our current job openings.


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