Our offer - Project Managers R&D

We offer a variety of Project Management Consultants Services

Our Services include roles as

-Project Management
-Project Coordination

-Requirement Specification

-Project Assurance Planning

-Project Planning

-Production planning, control and management
-Quality management


• Project Assurance within powertrain for new generation trucks and engines. Responsible for deliverables such as quality, cost, deliveries are met in the different development phases.

• Aftermarket project management for Service Engineering & Information Management. The role included being in charge of startup cost projects to smaller PMRs. The deliveries included everything from service information, technical descriptions of design & operation, maintenance, accessories, wiring etc.

• Feature lead for Load Capacity and Vehicle Agility at AB Volvo. Load Capacity is about the truck's cargo capacity, where the truck's weight and weight distribution in the end will determine how much can be loaded according to legal and technical limits.

Ola Möller
Consultant Manager
Tel. +46 702 20 00 59
Mail: ola.moller@certaincy.com

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