What kind of information does Certaincy AB collect?
Certaincy AB (556777-5449), also known as ‘Certaincy’, collects information regarding Candidates who apply for different positions and/or assignments through Certaincy’s web site (www.certaincy.com). Personal data can, for example, be information such as name, age, gender, address, social security number, phone number and other types of personal data that the candidates put in their resumé, CV or open letter.

What is Certaincy using the collected information for?
With the collected data, that Certaincy AB gets from a candidate who applies for different positions and/or assignments, Certaincy will use some, or all of the data to collaborate with our partners and customers with the target to get the candidate an assignment.

The personal data that Certaincy collects, are not public information or such kind of information that Certaincy AB will sell and/or share to a third party that are not a partner and/or a customer to the company.

How does Certaincy AB collect information?
Certaincy AB collects information through applications. The applications can be sent in through Certaincy’s website, LinkedIn, by email or by mail.

For how long do Certaincy keep the information?
Certaincy AB will collect and store the applications and the associated data during an appropriate time. For example, a candidate may not be a fit for a specific assignment during the application period but can be a subject for an assignment in the future.

“We save your personal data for as long as it is relevant to us.“

Who does Certaincy give out information to?
Certaincy will provide their customers and/or partners with the applicant’s resume´s, CV’s and/or open letters. The customers and/or partners are organizations in the consulting industry or organizations that have external consultants at their workplace.

How is the information protected?
Certaincy AB takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures, consistent with industry standards, to ensure that all information we treat is protected from unauthorized access. Only a limited proportion of employees have access to the information about the candidate and their management of the information is strictly regulated.

Technical and organisational measures
Certaincy AB shall take the technical and organisational measures for the protection of the Personal Data that are appropriate with regard to the sensitivity of the Personal Data; the particular risks that exist; existing technical capabilities and the costs of implementing the measures. The Personal Data shall be protected from any type of unauthorized Processing such as change, destruction or unauthorised access and dissemination. Certaincy accordingly undertakes to take all the measures stipulated in Article 32 of the GDPR. Certaincy AB shall be prepared to comply with a competent authority’s decision on measures to comply with the Data Protection Laws’ security requirements.

Rights of the Data Subject
Certaincy AB shall notify the Customer without delay if the Certaincy receives a request from a Data Subject regarding his or her rights, such as information, correction or deletion of the Data Subject’s Personal Data. Certaincy AB shall not respond to such a request without the Customer’s written consent, except for the purpose of notifying the Data Subject that the request has been received and forwarded to the Customer. Certaincy shall assist and help the Customer in managing Data Subjects’ inquiries and rights unless the Certaincy AB is prevented from doing so by law or by official decision. Certaincy shall assist the Customer in fulfilling his or her duties as a Controller of Personal Data to respond to requests regarding the registered user’s rights.

Official communications
Certaincy AB shall notify the Customer without delay if a government authority contacts the Certaincy regarding or pertinent to the Personal Data managed under the Service Agreement. At the Customer’s request, Certaincy shall, to a reasonable extent, help the Customer with such an official communication, and otherwise provide information so that the Customer is able to respond to the official communication within a reasonable period of time. Certaincy AB has no right to respond on the Customer’s behalf or act in the Customer’s Name.

The candidate’s rights
Candidates are entitled to know what Certaincy do with your personal information, such as when and how your personal data are processed and why. You also have the right to obtain your personal information in some cases or get them moved, corrected, deleted or blocked.

To read more about this, read Art. 17 in the GDPR act “Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)”.

Certaincy AB is responsible for ensuring that the personal information we as a company process is accurate and up to date. Do you notice, however, if Certaincy has incorrect information about you, you, as a candidate, are entitled to request that Certaincy AB correct such information.

You also have the right to supplement such personal data as you deem missing and which are relevant to the purpose of processing your personal data.

If the information has been corrected on your request, Certaincy AB will ensure that we provide the correct information after the data has been corrected. However, this does not apply if it turns out to be impossible or impose an excessive effort. At your request, Certaincy AB will inform you to whom the correction has been issued.

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